Review: Allagash Brewing Company | Coolship Red

Take some

  • very expensive

grand cru red burgundy

Mix it with some black raspberry warheads

And shake that shit up

Day lilies

Orange rind

Raspberry vinaigrette

And used gym socks

Looking into my cold dead eyes

With your cold dead eyes


“You remember Pirates of the Caribbean?

It was a pretty good franchise

I hear they’re making another one”

Jarring like

Donald Trump

Doing Hotline Bling

Or waking up next to Paul Simon and a

Basket of lemons

Sitting there, surrounded by Bostonians in



So far to go, so dazed

So silent

Yearning to be lost in the woods with a power ranger

Of my choice

Learning how to live off the land





And arguing about the finer points and the flaws of

Final Fantasy VII

Like falling in love all over again

This makes me want to chain smoke

Pall Malls

With PJ Harvey

In some



And talk about


But I wanted to do that anyway


*9.5 out of 10*


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