Beerenders: Travis Perrotte

Ooh, looky-here, Mr. Travis decided to be Mr. Difficult and gave me a top-six list. Either way, nobody cares, here’s this stupid shit:
6. 21st Amendment Brewing Co. | Toaster Pastry (India-style red ale)

toaster-pastry beer

What the fuck? A pop-tart? Wait, this is a beer?

5. The Alchemist | Focal Banger (American IPA)


Real mature.

4. Burlington Beer Co. | Chunky (American-style peanut butter porter, 2015 vintage)

chunky burlington beer

Another obscure beer. Seriously, what’s wrong with you fucking beer hipsters? What’s next, pizza stout? Tuna saison? An American pale ale enema? Fuck off. Peanut butter in your fucking beer; Grow up.

3. Hill Farmstead Brewery | Double Citra (Imperial pale ale)

double citra

Boy, Sean Lawson really hit it out of the park with this one. It’s almost as good as his Heady Topper, but luckily it’s widely available at an affordable price.

2. Goose Island Brewing Co. | Bourbon County Brand Regal Rye Stout (2015 vintage)

bourbon county regal rye

1. Grimm Artisanal Ales | Tesseract (American DIPA)

Tesseract Grimm DIPA

Nice. Another beer I’ll never have. Awesome, Travis. Aren’t you a fucking snowflake.

These are Travis’s top 5 beers, I guess.

Travis likes to take a lot of fucking pictures.

I like this one:

Travis Perrotte Lake Champlain
The other ones are also ok, I guess.

But where are the fuckin snuff films, you cow
Travis needs to stop being a shithead and remember that peanut butter is for drinking, not for eating.

Geez, people.

I bet, if you asked Father John Misty if he liked putter bumpkin in his beer, he’d probably kick you in the dick.

Yeah, right in the mouth.

Anyway, here’s Father John Misty:


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