Review: Fiddlehead Brewing Co. | AmarilLo Faber (Pale Ale)

Photo credit: Fiddlehead Brewing

Photo credit: Fiddlehead Brewing Co.

I don’t fucking know.

I guess the beer is named after some jam band artist.

Like the kind of crunchy shit you see that old-time, communist, bird-loving hippie with Birkenstocks wrapped around his elbows
Eating a crappy harmonica
Dancing outside of the santanic co-op on a skateboard
Getting a tattoo of colonel Bernie Sanders on his inner thigh
The right one—
Listening to.

Like, when are we getting back to those good old days when nobody cared that there was lead paint in our pancakes, and when we we’re bad, we got the good old-fashioned two-by-four to the groin.

I can remember Momma,
standing on her ironing board,
flipping the bird

And gramma and grampa would tell us about
the war…

Hacky sack fuckin

Fuck outta here

But the beer’s ok.
It looks like peepee with a bright white head. It looks as American as Lager, with a capital fuckin’ L.

It’s not completely clear or transparent, but somewhere between transparent and translucent, whatever the fuck that means. Also, it’s sort of reminiscent of sparkling hard apple cider. It’s leaves a decent, inappropriate, sticky lacing on the glass.

Very light aroma. Floral akin to tulips, light citrus, hint of pine, mango, bright orange on the back end.

Candy orange,
bitter orange peel,
light honey,
white bready malt,
white grape, faint fennel on the back end.

Crisp, yet medium body, dry finish.

Ok beer.
Better than the average pale ale, but does lack some in aroma and taste.

*8.0 out of 10*


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