Review: Four Quarters Brewing | Dark Is Night

Photo courtesy of Exposures by Brock Bill,

Photo courtesy of Exposures by Brock Bill,

Dearly Devoted,

I could compare your big chocolate ass to a succulent piece of ass, made out of chocolate.

The deep brown highlights of your essence shimmer in the fluorescence as if were clay, baking in the sunlight.
–Like, sparkly, and all that nice shit.

You got legs—up to your ass.

I get a whiff—OOOH — what do you wear?

Cherry blossom perfume?

Girl… is that almond oil on your skin? So soft to the touch.

So thick,

So rich,

Girl, you’re like sour cream. You know the brand.

You look like coffee; you smell like coffee; girl, you even taste like coffee.

Let me drink you in.

Like a fine red wine…
Like a Mounds bar…
Mmmm… mounds…
You got mounds, girl.

…and a big ass.
OOOH, child, there’s that cherry again…

Bring me back to square one.

You make me like a newborn baby.

Girl, cut my umbilical cord, hang me upside down, and spank me— like they do in the movies.

Gah gah goo goo.

Girl, I could spend all night in your arms talking all polite like British S&M,

But… I think this sums up my feelings for you:


*9.6 out of 10*


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