Review: Green Flash Brewing Co. | Cedar Plank Pale Ale (Hop Odyssey series)

Remember planking?!
You know—that lying down game— where you just lie there in a box, with a fox, eating lox, throwing rocks, wearing crocs, on the docks, sucking Juicy Juice?
Yeah, boring as fuck, right?
Yeah, that’s this beer.

It’s completely transparent and copper-colored. It has no chill haze to speak of. It’s got some decent lacing on the glass, with a slightly off-white head. It’s a good looking beer, I guess. It displays some slight, but constant carbonation. You can smell a bit of cedar, I suppose… but I wouldn’t have guessed if I wasn’t told. It has a spicy, herbal hop aroma. There’s a slight orange aroma (probably from the El Dorado hops) , with a little toasted malt, like a malt syrup of some sort. Perhaps theirs is a hint of dark agave, as well. It’s not really a proverbial “hop-bomb” by any means. At has a mostly slight, faded earthy hop flavor, with that same orange developing towards the back end. It’s malty and whatever, with an unpleasant bitterness, actually. It has some tannic qualities that are less than to be desired. It finishes with herbal and medicinal notes, similar to a dry gin. 6% ABV, or so, it’s dry, not at all boozy. I also notice it’s slightly peppery, which makes me wonder if there is any rye in this. It’s refreshing, with a medium body. It makes up in the mouthfeel with some good carbonation and a crisp finish.

Yeah, me neither.

*6.9 out of 10*


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