Entry 1: “Blogging is Cool When You’re Being Super-Critical about Stuff, Right?”

Not really.

At the end of the day, all you’re really looking at is the manifestation of a lonely and mostly fruitless hobby. Depressing, you say? Why yes, in fact, unless you’ve got the connections, and the ad space, sponsorship, endorsements and at that point no life, you’re really just casting pieces of paper you scribbled some inane musings on into the vast rapids of a tempestuous tide, never to be seen again (except by those friends of yours at the river bank with their own crumpled napkins in hand who catch your debris floating downstream). I’m not here, however, to talk about rivers or napkins or endorsements for that matter.

The purpose of what’s before you is really a labor of love for myself, my friends and anyone else who loves

well, beer.

What you’re looking at is a webpage with a keen, discriminating eye for all things hoppy,  malty, chewy, salty, meaty, wheat-y, refreshing and good. The mission is simple:

Find what’s fresh,

Celebrate tradition,

Advocate for the little guy,

and frankly, fuel a delicious vice.

That is all.

-J. Poulin


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